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Honey  “Bashkirskie paseki”
Honey “Bashkirskie paseki”

Product of Bashkortostan apiculture

Honey is known as a highly nutritious food containing a lot of important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, organic acids, essential amino acids and so on. It is a natural medicine that has bactericidal, antimicrobial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties and is also used for disease prevention and treatment.

The color of honey depends on the habitat. It crystallizes for about 6 months after collection and becomes pale yellow.

The expiration date is 2 years.

Mixed flower (polyfloral) honey

Polyfloral honey is a honey that bees have collected from over 300 kinds of blooming flowers such as fireweed (willowherb), oregano, Saint John's wort, sweet clover, plantago, dandelion, cornflower, chicory etc. This natural honey contains glucose, fructose, trace and major minerals, and vitamins, so it has a positive effect on cardiovascular system and GI tract.

Polyfloral honey has a color ranging from gold yellow to amber, it is a honey with a refreshing fragrance and a mellow taste.

Bashkortostan Republic linden forests take up more than 10900km2(4208,5 square miles), the largest linden forest within Russia. It is famous for its production of honey. The period when honey can be collected from the tree is rather short, only 20-25 days a year. I tree produces about 15 kg of honey, so about 1 ton of honey can be collected from a hectare (0,01 km2) of trees.

Shelf life: 48 months

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